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Download New Music Shadmehr Aghili Faseleha

Download Shadmehr Aghili Faseleha

Greetings to all dear visitors. Now we are at your service with a beautiful and audible song from the singer Shadmehr Aghili Faseleha.

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Album: Faseleha
Artist: Ali Lohrasebi
Genre: Pop
Shadmehr Aghili Faseleha

Lyrics Faseleha:

If the distance fell
If I am cold with myself
You did something to my heart
I didn’t think so
How easy you are
From the heart that touches your feet
That you are worse than this
He is dying for you
I am not afraid if sometimes our prayers are ineffective
God’s last moment is always getting closer
I gave you into his hands
He knows about me
He doesn’t even take his eyes off you for a moment
You are my hope
You are losing me
You have it with your own hands
You take all our hearts
I prayed in front of me
With eyes that haven’t slept
Does it make you feel homesick?
Do you cry?
I am sick of loneliness
Look, I’m upset
I cry so much
Come back to this house
I lost count
I wake up at night
Maybe I fell asleep from crying
I leave the door open

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