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Hardwired – Music And Lyrics By Rameses B

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Artist: Rameses B
Album: Hardwired
Release Date: 2021

Rameses B Hardwired

Lyrics Hardwired:

Can you hear me?
We could be legend
I have nothing to lose
Nothing can stop me
I’m all the way up (way up)
Wake up
I know it’s real
Escape reality
We used to look up at the sky (sky…)
And wonder at our place in the stars (stars…)
This is the world you’ve made yourself (yourself…)
Now you have to live in it (to live in it…)
The end is in our sights
The future is already here (already here…)
No matter how hard we tried (we tried)
We’re doomed (we’re doomed…)
Say your goodbyes (goodbyes…)
Brace yourself (yourself…)
I can see the end in sight
Three, two, one

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